Editorial Board

Student Editorial Board

The Editorial Board has four basic functions. The Publication Team executes the publication process for each issue. The Notes Team works with Journal Adjuncts and junior members to develop student Notes. The Events Team develops and executes FCBJ’s professional development and social events. Lastly, the Online Team is responsible for maintaining the Journal’s online presence.


Volume 26 Editorial Board
Photo Credit: Parker Lewton


Back Row from the Left: Notes Editor Ruohan Li, Managing Editor Caitlin Steele, Senior Articles Editor Bud Davis, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Bradshaw, Case Brief Editor Kent Walters, Articles Editor Chimso Okoji, and Online Editor Arjun Amernath.

Front Row from the Left: Articles Editor David Hart, Senior Notes Editor Sophia Luby, Notes Editor Tim Snowball, Notes Editor Anna Lindrooth, Executive Editor Meg Robertson, Notes Editor Kristin Elia, Managing Editor Stephnie John, Membership Editor Angie Jimenez, Articles Editor Amy Swerdlow, and Notes Editor Rachel Engle.

Not Pictured: Submissions Editor Smitha Uthaman, Notes Editor Grace Brier, and Articles Editor Natasha Boyadzieva.


Senior Editors


From the Left: Senior Notes Editor Sophia Luby, Executive Editor Meg Robertson, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Bradshaw, and Senior Articles Editor Bud Davis.


Articles Editors


From the Left: David Hart, Chimso Okoji, and Amy Swerdlow.
Not Pictured: Natasha Boyadzieva.


Notes Editors


From the Left: Ruohan Li, Timothy Snowball, Sophia Luby, Anna Lindrooth, Kristin Elia, and Rachel Engle.
Not Pictured: Grace Brier.


Events Team


From the Left: Membership Editor Angie Jimenez, Managing Editor Caitlin Steele, and Managing Editor Stephnie John.


Online Team


From the Left: Membership Editor Angie Jimenez, Online Editor Arjun Amernath, and Case Brief Editor Kent Walters.