About the Journal

The Federal Circuit Bar Journal (“FCBJ”), as the official journal for the Federal Circuit Bar Association, is charged with providing meaningful, insightful and timely coverage of issues within the court’s purview. The FCBJ is a national quarterly publication that carries a subscriber base of over three thousand judges, professors, attorneys and law students.

The scope of the FCBJ consists of all issues within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“Federal Circuit”). Because the Federal Circuit is the sole arbiter of patent appeals in the United States, an emphasis of the journal is patent and trademark jurisprudence. However, the Court, and consequently the Journal, cover a variety of other issues. The Federal Circuit handles appeals from the Court of International Trade and the International Trade Commission. In addition, the Federal Circuit decides government contract cases on appeal from the Court of Federal Claims and government personnel appeals from the Merit Systems Protection Board. On a smaller scale, the journal also covers certain specialized areas which include vaccination disputes, veterans appeals and environmental and natural resources litigation.

Practitioner involvement has not ended as a result of the formation of a student editorial board. Instead, the continued involvement of previous board members creates a unique and valuable working environment for the current student editorial board. Students are able to collaborate with practicing attorneys in order to gain valuable insight into complex journal topics. This allows journal members to complete a more thorough, and consequently a more educational, examination of important legal issues.

The Federal Circuit Bar Journal is based at The George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC.  The Student Editorial Board consists of 105 students – 16 Student Editors, 49 Senior Staff Members, and 40 Associate Staff Members.

As a result of its unparalleled access to the Federal Circuit, its facilitation of close working relationships with judges and practitioners, and its continued support from the law school administration, The Federal Circuit Bar Journal will continue to provide The George Washington University Law School and its students with an excellent opportunity for educational growth and personal and institutional development.

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