Volume 10 Number 3 | February 2002

Volume 10 Number 3 | February 2002
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Increasing Certainty in Patent Litigation: The Need for Federal Circuit Approved Pattern Jury Instructions 
Authors: Gerald J. Mossinghoff and Donald R. Dunner 

Patent Infringement Damages: A Brief Summary 
Authors: Robert S. Frank, Jr. and Denise W. DeFranco 

Toward a Coherent Law of Inducement to Infringe: Why the Federal Circuit Should Adopt the Hewlett-Packard Standard for Intent Under § 271(b)
Author: Michael N. Rader

There’s No Place Like Home: Finding Personal Jurisdiction in Abbreviated New Drug Application Patent Cases After Zeneca v. Mylan Pharmaceutica
Author: John C. O’Quinn

The Evolving Standards for Protecting Product Configuration Trade Dress: In the Wake of Wal-Mart Stores v. Samara Brothers
Author: Kate B. Briscoe

Brief of Amicus Curiae Federal Circuit Bar Association in Support of Eli Lilly & Company’s Combined Petition for Panel Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc

Cases and Recent Developments