Volume 10 Number 4 | April 2002

Volume 10 Number 4 | April 2002
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

How Federal Circuit Judges Vote in Patent Validity Cases
Authors: John R. Allison and Mark A. Lemley

The Seventh Amendment Right to a Jury Trial in Customs Penalty Cases
Authors: Joseph P. Esposito, P.C. & Jennifer McKeone Saunders

A New Weapon for Alleged Infringers?: “Patent Drafter Estoppel” Explored
Authors: Darius C. Gambino and Richard A. Paikoff

Just Compensation for Permanent Takings of Temporal Interests
Author: Steven J. Eagle

Prior User Defense: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good and Bad Intentions
Author: Leslie M. Hill

The Big Bad State Secrets Privilege: Why McDonnell Douglas’ Superior Knowledge Claim Was Doomed and How to Minimize the Effects of the Privilege Without Endangering National Security
Author: Daniel C. Gardner

Cases and Recent Developments