Volume 11 Number 2 | November 2002

Volume 11 Number 2 | November 2002
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Judges, Juries, and Patent Cases—An Empirical Peek Inside the Black Box
Author: Kimberly A. Moore

What Competitors Can/Cannot Say About Each Other: Some Litigation Scenarios Under the Sherman Act, the Lanham Act, and the Common Law
Author: Gerard E. Wimberly, Jr.

Standards of Appellate Review in the Federal Circuit: Substance and Semantics
Authors: Kevin Casey, Jade Camara & Nancy Wright

Considering Lilly: Obviousness vs. Domination in the Double Patenting Context
Author: Kathleen Kahler Fonda

It’s Pay-Up Time for the Government on the Harbor Maintenance Tax: Exporters Are Receiving Their Tax Refunds, but What About Interest?
Author: Heather M. Pichelman

Cases and Recent Developments