Volume 11 Number 3 | February 2003

Volume 11 Number 3 | February 2003
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Origins of the Federal Circuit: The Role of Industry
Author: Pauline Newman

Reflections on the Founding of the Federal Circuit
Author: Donald R. Dunner

Formation of the Federal Circuit
Author: Jim Davis

Evolution of Judicial Review in Trade and Customs Cases in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Author: Terence P. Stewart

Retrospective on the Federal Circuit: The First 20 Years-A Historical View
Author: Daniel J. Meador

Author: Clarence T. Kipps, Jr.

Panel Discussion on Review in Trade Cases Compared to Patent Cases

Panel Discussion on Professionalism and Ethics

Panel Discussion on Intra-Circuit Conflicts

Brief Overview of the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Under ยง 1295(a)(1)
Author: Joseph R. Re

Trade Jurisprudence at the Federal Circuit: Capable of Raising a Question, yet Avoiding Inconsistent Views
Author: Terence P. Steward

Professionalism for the Legal Profession
Author: Edward D. Re

Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Conflicts in the Federal Circuit’s Government Contracts Jurisprudence
Author: Scott McCaleb

Conflicts in Federal Circuit Patent Law Decisions

Casenotes and Recent Developments

It’s Pay-Up Time for the Government on the Harbor Maintenance Tax: Exporters are Receiving Their Tax, but What About Interest?