Volume 11 Number 4 | April 2003

Volume 11 Number 4 | April 2003
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Rith Energy, Inc. v. United States “The Best of Both Worlds”: Use of Common Law and Statutory Law Together in Applying the Nuisance Exception to Defend a Takings Claim
Author: James Reginald Benjamin, Jr.

Are Second-Generation DNA Sequences Useful?: A Defense of Theorized Protein Patents
Author: Matthew J. Vlissides, Jr.

Biotechnology Patents After Festo: Rethinking the Heightened Enablement and Written Description Requirements
Author: Sheila R. Arriola

Uncharted Territory: How the United States Patent and Trademark Office Should Rule on the Federal Dilution Statute
Author: Michelle L. Crawford

Brief of Amicus Curiae Federal Circuit Bar Association in Support of Consolidated Edison Company’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Cases and Recent Developments