Volume 12 Number 1 | June 2003

Volume 12 Number 1 | June 2003
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Are District Court Judges Equipped to Resolve Patent Cases?
Author: Kimberly A. Moore

Continuing Patent Applications and Performance of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – Extended
Authors: Cecil D. Quillen, Jr., Ogden H. Webster, & Richard Eichmann

Understanding the Federal Circuit on Patent Damages for Unpatented Spare Parts
Author: Eric E. Bensen

Respond or Regret: Reasons for Allowance May Prove Damaging if Not Responded to by Applicants Under The New Rule 104 (e) Presumption
Authors: Richard S. Meyer & James L. Reed

Eichleay Jurisprudence: Its Strengths, Weaknesses and Inappropriately Broad Application
Author: Lisa Lieberman Thatch

Cases and Recents Developments