Volume 13 Number 1 | June 2004

Volume 13 Number 1 | June 2004
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The Confluence of Convenience Terminations and Guaranteed Minimums in Government Contracts: What Is the Proper Remedy When the Government Fails to Order the Minimum Quantity Specified in an Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity Contract?
Author: David W. Lannetti

Grain Processing and Crystal Semiconductor: Use of Economic Methods in Damage Calculations Will Accurately Compensate for Patent Infringement
Author: Liane M. Peterson

The Doctrine of Equivalents: Both a Sword and a Shield
Authors: George M. Sirilla, Thomas P. Feddo, and Michael C. Antone

Amending the Whistleblower Protection Act: Will Federal Employees Finally Speak Without Fear?
Author: Rebecca L. Dobias

Cases and Recent Developments