Volume 13 Number 3 | February 2005

Volume 13 Number 3 | February 2005
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Presentation of the Portrait of the Honorable Haldane Robert Mayer, Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Saving the Lives of Drugs: Why Procedural Amendments in Hatch-Waxman Litigation and Certification of Markman Hearings for Interlocutory Appeal Will Help Lower Drug Prices
Author: Colman B. Ragan

What Is So Special About the Federal Circuit? A Recommendation for ADR Use in the Federal Circuit
Author: Thomas Hitter

Failing to Balance Patent Rights and Antitrust Concerns: The Federal Circuit’s Holding in In re Independent Service Organizations Antitrust Litigation
Author: Suzzette Rodriquez Hurley

Conflicts in the Court of Federal Claims: The Federal Circuit’s Key Decisions and Resolutions Over Bid Protest Practice
Author: Jennifer Wittmeyer

Cases and Recent Developments