Volume 14 Number 3 | February 2006

Volume 14 Number 3 | February 2006
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The Doctrine of Equivalents and Claiming the Future after Festo
Author: Joshua D. Sarnoff

Prior Use of Trade Secrets and the Intersection with Patent Law: The Prior User Rights Statute, 35 U.S.C. § 273
Authors: Thomas A. Fairhall and Paul W. Churilla

Protest Challenges to Integrity-Based Responsibility Determinations
Author: Michael J. Davidson

CCS Fitness: The Federal Circuit’s Attempt for Consistency in Claim Interpretation
Author: Matthew Kremer

Much Ado about Nothing: The Effects of the Post-Enactment Acquisition Rule in Palazzolo v. Rhode Island
Author: Jerry Brito 

Brief of Amicus Curiae, the Federal Circuit Bar Association, in Response to the Court’s Order Inviting Briefs for the En Banc Hearing in Phillips v. Awh Corp.

Cases and Recent Developments