Volume 14 Number 4 | April 2006

Volume 14 Number 4 | April 2006
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Three “Non-obvious” Modifications to Simplify and Rein in the Doctrine of Equivalents
Author: John Mills

Schering Corporation v. Geneva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Requiem for the Recognition Requirement in the Law of Inherent Anticipation
Author: Randy P. Boyer

For Whom the Bell Tolls: The New Human Resources Management System at the Department of Homeland Security Sounds the Death Knell for a Uniform Civil Service
Author: Sarah T. Zaffina

McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. United States: The Marathon Litigation
Author: Sarah E. Moffett

Guidelines for Patent Claim Construction: The Basics of a Markman Hearing
Author: Federal Circuit Bar Association Markman Project 

Cases and Recent Developments