Volume 15 Number 1 | June 2006

Volume 15 Number 1 | June 2006
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal


Post-Merk Experimental Use and the “Safe Harbor”
Author: Harold C. Wegner

Timing (of Invention) Is Everything: The Essential Role of the Written Description Requirement in Determining Conception
Authors: Paula K. Davis and Steven P. Caltrider

Patent Misuse—The Critical Balance, A Patent Lawyer’s View
Authors: Joe Potenza, Phillip Bennet, and Christopher Roth

Written Description and Enablement: One Requirement or Two?
Authors: Denise W. Defranco and Ashley A. Weaver

The Federal Circuit’s Interpretation of the Hatch-Waxman Act: Allowing Generics to Induce Infringement
Author: Reid F. Herlihy

Cases and Recent Developments