Volume 16 Number 4 | April 2008

Volume 16 Number 4 | April 2008
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Take It Past The Limit: Regulatory Takings of Personal Property
Author: Bridget C.E. Dooling

EchoStar and its Progeny: Why the Attorney-Client Privilege May Be in Jeopardy
Author: Stacey L. Cohen

No Shelter: How the Federal Circuit Misinterpreted the Whistleblower Protection Act by Excluding De Minimis Disclosures
Author: J. Nelson Wilkinson

Conway v. Principi, Mayfield v. Nicholson, and (Re?) Defining the Harmless Error Doctrine in Light of the Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000
Author: C. Robert Luthman

Cases and Recent Developments