Volume 17 Number 1 | July 2007

Volume 17 Number 1 | July 2007
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Bad Science in Search of “Bad” Patents
Author: Ron D. Katznelson

The Status Quo Between Patent Applicant and Examiner May Soon Change: The Proposed Rules Affecting Consideration of Prior Art by the U.S. Patent Office
Author: James L. Reed

Impeaching Finnigan and Realigning the Corroboration Standard for Disinterested Single Witness Testimony with Precedent and Policy
Author: Jessica R. Underwood

Unstacking the Deck: In Defense of the Veterans Benefits, Healthcare, and Information Technology Act of 2006
Author: Jonathan Creekmore Koltz

Proving Jurisdictional Facts in Constructive Adverse Action Appeals—Amending 5 C.F.R. § 1201.56 in a Post-Garcia World
Author: Pablo Aristophanes Nichols