Volume 17 Number 2 | September 2007

Volume 17 Number 2 | September 2007
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

After Twenty-Five Years
Author: Judge Pauline Newman

Author: Daniel J. Meador

Improving Patent Examination Efficiency and Quality: An Operations Research Analysis of the USPTO, Using Queuing Theory
Author: Ayal Sharon and Yifan Liu

Stop Looking Under the Bridge for Imaginary Creatures: A Comment Examining Who Really Deserves The Title Patent Troll
Author: Marc Morgan

Cite Unseen: Unpublished Decisions in the Federal Circuit and Federal Circuit Rule 32.1
Author: Robert D. English

A Taxing Development in Patent Law
Author: Meighan E. O’Reardon 

Divided Territory: A Jurisdictional Contradiction Between the Court of International Trade and the District Courts
Author: Mariya Starchevsky