Volume 17 Number 4 | June 2008

Volume 17 Number 4 | June 2008
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Money and Power: Observations on the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Author: Judge S. Jay Plager

The Case Against a Specialized Court for Federal Benefits Appeals
Author: Michael Morley

One Year After MedImmune—The Impact On Patent Licensing & Negotiation
Authors: Ronald A. Bleeker and Michael V. O’Shaughnessy 

The Economic Implications (and Uncertainties) of Obtaining Permanent Injunctive Relief After eBay v. MercExchange
Authors: Douglas Ellis, John Jarosz, Michael Chapman and L. Scott Oliver 

A Realistic Analysis of § 271(g) and the ITC: Academic Hypotheses Aside, § 271(g) Does Not Violate the Paris Convention or TRIPS Because Its Affirmative Defenses Do Not Apply to § 337 Actions Before the ITC
Author: Siddharth Fernandes

Under Construction: Towards a More Deferential Standard of Review in Claim Construction Cases
Author: Jeffrey Peabody

The Economic Substance Doctrine, Rules, and Standards: United States v. Coltec Industries and Its Aftermath
Author: Elliot P. Fitzgerald

Welcome Back to the Docket: The Case for Judicial Review of Task Order Protests
Author: Evan Wesser