Volume 18 Number 1 | October 2008

Volume 18 Number 1 | October 2008
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Preservation, Modification, or Transformation? The Current State of the Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Benefits Adjudication Process and Why Congress Should Modify, Rather than Maintain or Completely Redesign, the Current System
Author: Rory E. Riley, Esq.

Fact or Fiction: Reexamining the Written Description Doctrine’s Classification as a Question of Fact
Author: Jesse S. Keene

How Much Does Technology Really Matter in Patent Law? A Comparative Analysis of Doctrines of Appropriate Patentable Subject Matter in American and European Patent Law
Author: Dr. Kelvin W. Willoughby

It’s Time to “Hatch” a New Act: How the OSC’s Interpretation of the Hatch Act Chills Protected Speech
Author: Carolyn M. Abbate

Last Chance Agreements for Federal Employees: Hidden Costs and Unseen Problems
Author: Drew Sarrett