Volume 19 Number 1 | September 2010

Volume 19 Number 1 | September 2010
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court
Authors: Darin Snyder and Mark Davies

The Roles of Judges and Juries in Patent Litigation
Authors: Gary M. Hnath and Timothy A. Molino

Modernizing § 337’s Domestic Industry Requirement for the Global Economy
Author: Thomas A. Broughan, III

Amgen, Inc. v. ITC: Defying Kinik While Complying with TRIPS
Author: John A. Kelly

Efficiency Considerations and the Use of Taxpayer Resources: An Analysis of Proposed Whistleblower Protection Act Revisions
Author: Jocelyn Patricia Bond

Much Ado About Nail Buffers: A Critical Analysis of the Federal Circuit’s En Banc Decision in Egyptian Goddess, Inc. v. Swisa, Inc.
Author: Ryan Bowen