Volume 19 Number 2 | October 2010

Volume 19 Number 2 | October 2010
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Issue Preclusion of Markman Rulings
Authors: Buckmaster De Wolf and Mark L. Blake

The Betrayal of Patent Reexamination: An Alternative to Litigation, Not a Supplement
Author: Wayne B. Paugh

Too Sick, Too Soon?: The Causation Burden Under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Following De Bazan v. Secretary of Health & Human Services
Author: James B. Currier

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: The Unavailability of Experienced Attorneys Places Petitioners at an Institutional Disadvantage
Author: Brittani Scott Miller

The Extraterritorial Constitutional Rights of Aliens in the Federal Circuit
Author: Erin Creegan

Shifting the Balance Between Branded and Generic Pharmaceutical Companies: Amendments to Hatch-Waxman Past, Present, and Future
Author: Natalie Pous