Volume 20 Number 1 | October 2010

Volume 20 Number 1 | October 2010
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

A Proposal for a “Good-Faith Offer” Standard for Evaluating Allegations of Willful Infringement—with Thanks to Major League Baseball
Author: James E. Hopenfeld

Consideration of Patent Validity in Antitrust Cases Challenging Hatch-Waxman Act Settlements
Author: Gerald Sobel

In Search of “Reasonable Compensation”: Patent Infringement by Defense Contractors with the Authorization and Consent of the U.S. Government
Author: Timothy R. Wyatt

Guaranteeing Health Benefits for America’s Wounded Soldier: Closing the Pre-Existing Personality Disorder Loophole
Author: Christopher Weiser

Doe v. Department of Justice: A Call for Renewed Consideration of Federal Employees’ Ethical Responsibilities
Author: Hannah Rae Geyer

Adverse Actions for Off-Duty Conduct: Why the Federal Circuit’s Approach Infringes Employees’ Privacy Rights
Author: Daniel Singer