Volume 20 Number 2 | December 2010

Volume 20 Number 2 | December 2010
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

A New Pathway for Follow-On Biologics
Authors: Steven A. Nash and Rebeca Workman

Novelty & the Hotchkiss Standard
Author: Edward C. Walterscheid

Leading Citizens: Lead Congress so Congress Will Lead Your Country
Author: Paul R. Michel

Building Bridges and Making Connections Across the IP System
Author: David J. Kappos

Patrolling the Unfriendly Skies: Protecting Whistleblowers Through Expanded Jurisdiction
Author: Jon Knight

Free Trade, Tires, and Tariffs: Why Imposing Import Duties Against Chinese Goods is the Wrong Course of Action for the United States
Author: Adam Eisenstein

Trusted Customers in a Distrusted Country: Liberalizing Dual-Use Exports to China While Safeguarding National Security
Author: Jenifer Feldman