Volume 20 Number 3 | March 2011

Volume 20 Number 3 | March 2011
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Raising the Bar for Nonobviousness: An Empirical Study of Federal Circuit Case Law Following KSR
Authors: Jennifer Nock & Sreekar Gadde

The Case for Concurrent Veterans Benefits: Duplicative but Not Duplicitous
Author: Lindsay I. McCarl

Avoiding Failure: Applying Decision Theory to the Eminent Domain Jurisprudence
Author: Christopher C. Yook

More Appealing? What Evidence to Admit During Litigation Concurrent with Patent Reexamination
Author: Lauren C. Jarvis

New Concern About “Articles Concerned”: Revisiting the Scope of ITC Exclusion Orders After Yingbin and Kyocera
Author: C. Austin Ginnings