Volume 20 Number 4 | June 2011

Volume 20 Number 4 | June 2011
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Gene Probes As Unpatentable Printed Matter
Author: Andrew Chin

Fallout: United States v. Eurodif, Uranium Enrichment, and a Unanimous Supreme Court’s New Requirement on Product/Service Characterizations
Author: Ryan J. Gaffney

The Balancing Act: Weighing National Security Against Equitable Procurement Practices Surya
Author: Gablin Gunasekara

Peering Through the Cloud: The Future of Intellectual Property and Computing
Author: Horacio E. Gutiérrez

Making “Bad Men” Pay: Recovering Pain and Suffering Damages for Torts on Indian Reservations under the Bad Men Clause
Author: Lillian Marquez

Denying the Obvious: Why the Special Masters Should Have Found for Petitioners in the Autism Omnibus Test Cases
Author: Steven J. Meyers

The Impact of Dickinson v. Zurko on Federal Circuit Review of USPTO Board Decisions: An Analytic and Empirical Analysis
Authors: Jeffrey M. Samuels & Linda B. Samuels