Volume 21 Number 1 | September 2011

Volume 21 Number 1 | September 2011
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Arguing Secondary Considerations After KSR: Proceed with Caution
Author: Eli M. Sheets

What Are You Looking At? Supplementation of the Administrative Record in Bid Protests at the Court of Federal Claims
Author: Robert Sneckenberg

Who’s the (Son of) BOSS?: The Struggle Between the Federal Circuit and Treasury to Define “Omits from Gross Income” in Son of BOSS Tax Shelters and Other Overstatement-of-Basis Tax Cases
Author: Derek Wagner

Reformation of the False Marking Statue is Necessary; Elimination of the Qui Tam Provision is Not
Author: Beth Kublin

YOU’RE FIRED! Egan and MSPB Review of Security Clearance Decisions
Author: Nadia A. Patel

Does ITC Review of Administrative Law Judge Determinations Add Value in Section 337 Investigations?
Author: Michael Diehl