Volume 21 Number 2 | December 2011

Volume 21 Number 2 | December 2011
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Is “Willful Blindness” the New “Recklessness” after Global-Tech?
Author: Lorelei D. Ritchie

Striking a Better Compromise: Suggested Revisions to the Agent Orange Act of 1991
Author: Meagan E. Fassinger

Unjust Imprisonment Claims Before the Court of Federal Claims: The Presentation of a Certificate of Innocence Should Not Be Considered “Jurisdictional”
Author: Lawrence Bluestone

BING, BANG, BOOM: An Analysis of In re Vertex Group LLC and the Struggle for Inherent Distinctiveness in Sound Marks Made During a Product’s Normal Course of Operation
Author: Daniel R. Bumpus

Solving the Confidentiality Designation Problem in Federal Circuit Briefs: A Proposed Amendment to Local Rule 11
Authors: Mark Davies, Lauren Parker, and Jennifer Overall

Why Plaintiffs Shouldn’t Have It Their Way—Revisiting Concurrent Jurisdiction of Autism Claims Against Thimerosal Manufacturers
Author: Rachel A. Greenleaf