Volume 21 Number 3 | March 2012

Volume 21 Number 3 | March 2012
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The State of Patent Litigation
Author: Chief Judge Randall R. Rader

An E-Discovery Model Order

When National Law Means Regional Law: A Look at the Non-Uniformity of Copyright Law and How the Federal Circuit Can Help
Author: Samantha M. Basso

How to Keep Your Invention Patentable While It Is Stored in the Cloud: A Guide for Small Investors
Author: Elana A. Bertram

Apparent Authority: Creating More Problems than It Solves? A Look at Gray Markets and Authorization in Deere v. ITC
Author: Kristine Hsu

A Guide to the Legislative History of the America Invents Act: Part I of II
Author: Joe Matal

Disclosures or Frivolity? A Defense of the Federal Circuit’s No Good, Very Bad Whistleblower Protection Act Jurisprudence
Author: James Vietti