Volume 21 Number 4 | June 2012

Volume 21 Number 4 | June 2012
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Close, But No Cigar: Recent Changes to the Stressor Verification Process for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Why the System Remains Insufficient
Author: Katherine Dubyak

Affirmatively Inefficient Jurisprudence?: Confusing Contractors’ Rights to Raise Affirmative Defenses with Sovereign Immunity
Authors: Steven L. Schooner & Pamela J. Kovacs

A Guide to the Legislative History of the America Invents Act: Part II of II
Author: Joe Matal

The Evisceration of the NAFI Doctrine
Author: Alexa M. Strear

Taking on a Nuisance: Applying Lucas to Physical Takings
Author: Miles E. Coleman