Volume 22 Number 1 | September 2012

Volume 22 Number 1 | September 2012
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

“All Substantial Rights”: Toward Sensible Patent Licensee Standing
Author: Timothy Denny Greene

The Waters of Takings Law Should Be Muddy: Why Prospectively Temporary Government-Induced Flooding Could Be a Per Se Taking and the Role for Penn Central Balancing
Author: Tyler J. Sniff

An Expanded “Slim Volume” on the Limited Role of Courts in Shaping Patent Policy
Author: The Honorable Kathleen M. O’Malley

Lowering the Fare: Reducing the Patent Troll’s Ability to Tax the Patent System
Author: Tina M. Nguyen

Drone-Sourcing? United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inherently Governmental Functions, and the Role of Contractors
Author: Keric D. Clanahan

Smoke and Mirrors: Primarily Geographically Deceptively Misdescriptive Marks and the TTAB’s Erroneous Reliance on the Heightened Goods-Place Association
Author: Caitlin Clarke

How to Improve Patent Claim Interpretations
Author: Edward D. Manzo