Volume 22 Number 2 | December 2012

Volume 22 Number 2 | December 2012
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Regaining What Was Lost: Revival of Abandoned Patent Applications and Lapsed Patents
Author: Scott D. Locke

Time for a Mulligan? How a Questionable 2003 Federal Circuit Decision Has Prompted a Need for Reform in the Refurbishing Industry
Author: Michael A. Goldstein

2010-2011 Veterans Law Update
Authors: Kathleen Dwyer, Alec Kast, Scott A. Sigmon, Andrew E. Taren, Tara L. Cawey & Andrew E. Tarne, EDS

Clarifying Patent Law’s Role in Financial Service: Time to Settle the “Bill”ski?
Author: Brian H. Lawrence

The Federal Circuit Tries to Change the Tune to the E-Discovery Dance
Author: Daniel B. Garrie