Volume 22 Number 3 | March 2013

Volume 22 Number 3 | March 2013
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Impact of Legal (Un)certainty on Patent Valuation: What Investors Should Know Before Investing in Patents
Author: Stijepko Tokic

Protecting Transportation and Homeland Security Through Congressional Oversight: Legislative Recommendations to Fill Gaps in Whistleblower Protections Relating to Sensitive Security Information and Controlled Unclassified Information
Author: Matthew L. Riffee

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun: Balancing Patent Law & Trade Secret Law Under the America Invents Act
Author: Stephen Elkind

Reduction to Net Present Value? Unnecessary Pain and Suffering: An Analysis of the Federal Circuit’s Decision in Youngblood to Reduce Pain and Suffering Awards in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to Net Present Value
Author: Benjamin Wolf

Conditional Cross-Appeals at the Federal Circuit
Author: Andrew V. Trask

Patent Eligibility After Mayo: How Did We Get Here and Where Do We Go?
Author: Joshua A. Kresh

Taming Complex Intellectual Property Compensation Problems
Authors: Roy Weinstein, Ken Romig, and Frank Stabile