Volume 22 Number 4 | July 2013

Volume 22 Number 4 | July 2013
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Unwinding the DNA Double-Helix: An Alternate Resolution to the Federal Circuit’s Decision in Association for Molecular Pathology for Simplifying § 101 Patent Eligibility Determinations
Author: Oren Ginsberg

Selling Congress on eBay: Should Congress Force the ITC to Apply the eBay Standard?
Author: Mike Heins

Protecting Uncle Sam’s Whistleblowers: All-Circuit Review of WPA Appeals
Author: Lilyanne Ohanesian

Penn Central After 35 Years: A Three Part Balancing Test or a One Strike Rule?
Author: Adam Pomeroy

Contractors Stand Strong: Those “Adversely Affected or Aggrieved by Agency Action” Should Have Standing to Expose Government Procurement Regulation Violations to Mitigate Waste in Contingency Contracting
Author: Bryan M. Byrd

The Great Brain Robbery: Tianrui and the Treatment of Extraterratorial Unfair Trade Acts
Author: Ron Vogel