Volume 23 Number 1 | October 2013

Volume 23 Number 1 | October 2013
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Friedman Lecture in Appellate Advocacy
Author: Frank H. Easterbrook

Maintaining Post-Grant Review Estoppel in the America Invents Act Revisited: A Call for Legislative Restraint
Author: Robert L. Stoll

The Missing Element of Sovereignty in Takings Jurisprudence: Part of the Answer to Alley’s of Kingsport, Inc. v. United States
Author: Tristan Dunford, Note

Trademark Law Finally Showing Its Age in the Federal Circuit: Senior Versus Junior Users in the Battle of Reverse Confusion
Author: Eric G. Shupin, Note

The Burden: Establishing an Appropriate Standard in an Area of Scientific Uncertainty
Author: Sharla Kooiker

A Delicate Balance: Federal Employees, Security Clearances, and the Role of the Federal Circuit
Author: Charles Pollack, Note

Witnesses to War: Using Lay Evidence to Assert a Veteran’s Claim for Benefits
Author: Andrew Woodbury, Note

Patent Applications and the Performance of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Authors: Christopher A. Cotropia, Cecil D. Quill, Jr., and Ogden H. Webster