Volume 23 Number 2 | December 2013

Volume 23 Number 2 | December 2013
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Hey, Soldier Don’t Breathe Too Deeply, You Never Know What Might Be in the Air
Author: Rachel Kleinpeter, Note

Patent Office Practice After the America Invents Act
Author: Nicholas Matich

Richard v. United States: Government Contracts, Indian Treaties, and the Federal Circuit’s Evolving Interpretation of “Bad Men” Provisions
Author:  Sarah M. Block, Note

The Government’s Non-Bankruptcy Rights for Debt Collection: Reconciling the Administrative Law of Contractual Withholdings and Setoffs
Authors: C. S. Maravilla and David Schneider

The Innocent’s Property: A New Approach to Takings Law in Criminal Jurisprudence
Author: Patrick Galasso, Note

The Patent Target
Author: Daniel J. Gervais