Volume 23 Number 3 | March 2014

Volume 23 Number 3 | March 2014
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

When is an Invention That Was Obvious to Try Nevertheless Nonobvious?
Author: George M. Sirilla

To Define or Not Define: The “National Emergency” Exception of TRIPS
Author: Sonia A. Desai, Note

On Trend: Rule 12 Dismissals Based on Patent Ineligibility Under § 101
Authors: Stephanie E. O’Byrne and Jeffrey T. Castellano

Reconstructing Liability Under the Forfeiture of Fraudulent Claims Act
Author: Anthony Raglani, Note

28 U.S.C. § 1500 After Tohono: On the Path from “Annoying Technicality” to Powerful Tool for the Government
Author: Margaret E. Matavich, Note

Retaining Precedent: Mabus v. General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc. and Equitable Estoppel in the Federal Circuit
Author: Laura Semple, Note

A Beneficial Taking: Re-Conceptualizing Water Rights
Author: Travis J. Shafer, Note