Volume 23 Number 4 | June 2014

Volume 23 Number 4 | June 2014
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal


Section 337 as a Force for “Good”? Exploring the Breadth of Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair Acts Under § 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930
Authors: Michael Buckler and Beau Jackson

Agricultural Trade Adjustment Assistance: Food For Thought on the First Decade of the Newest Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
Author: Erin Fleaher Rogers

Lessons Learned from Stone: Why the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Should Be Revised
Author: Averie Maldonado

Think it is Invalid? A New Defense to Negate Intent for Induced Infringement
Author: Nathan A. Sloan

Patenting Proteins After Myriad
Author: Priti Deka Phukan 

Standing Up for the Little Guy: Proposing a Doctrinal Framework to Assess Standing for Patient Plaintiffs in the Context of Myriad and Diagnostic Genetic Testing
Author: James Ton-That