Volume 24 Number 2 | December 2014

Volume 24 Number 2 | December 2014
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Rule 30(a): Amending the Rule to Allow Citation to Nonprecedential CAVC Opinions for Presidential and Persuasive Authority
Author: Vicki Franks

Gatekeeper or Examiner: Exploring the Role of the CAVC in Veterans’ Disability Cases and Ways to Reduce the Number of Remands
Author: Evelina M. René

Federal Circuit Bar Association Study of Best Practices and Opportunities for Improvements in Federal Procurement Contracting: Performance Issues and Contract Disputes Subcommittee Report
Author: The Performance Issues and Contract Disputes Subcommittee

Nuts and Bolts of Government Contract Appeals and Recommended Amendments: A Short Guide to Procedural Aspects of Government Contract Appeals at the Federal Circuit
Authors: David Ralston and Amalie Weber

Review of Record Review: Application of the Administrative Procedure Act Standard in Bid Protests Before the United States Court of Federal Claims
Authors: William J. Grimaldi, Domenique Kirchner and William P. Rayel
Editor: Kirk T. Manhardt

A Supreme Debacle: The Federal Circuit’s Opportunity to Retain Exclusive Jurisdiction of Federal Whistleblower Appeals
Author: Chris Carlson