Volume 24 Number 3 | March 2015

Volume 24 Number 3 | March 2015
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Federal Circuit Bar Association: Study of Best Practices and Opportunities for Improvements in Federal Procurement Contracting
Authors: Federal Circuit Bar Association Committee Members

2014 Friedman Appellate Advocacy Lecture
Author: Donald R. Dunner

Eyes on the Prize, Head in the Sand: Filling the Due Process Vacuum in Federally Administered Contests
Authors: Steven L. Schooner and Nathaniel E. Castellano

What Does In re Fox Say? Revising the Scandalous Trademark Doctrine by Reference to the Obscene
Author: Kerry Ryden

Staying Litigation Pending Inter Partes Review and the Effects on Patent Litigation
Author: Matthew R. Frontz

Military Sexual Trauma: Policy Analysis on Veterans’ Benefits Access in the Past, Present, and Future
Author: Henry J. Loyer

Confusion in the Federal Circuit Over the Nature of the Vaccine Act Requires a Congressional Remedy
Author: Michelle Riestra