Volume 24 Number 4 | June 2015

Volume 24 Number 4 | June 2015
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

Budget-Related Furloughs in Today’s Federal Government: Making the Case for Reforming the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
Author: Jeffrey Joseph Lorek

Finding External Review of the Merits of Suitability Determinations for National Security Employees After Kaplan v. Conyers
Author: Alexander B. Cane

Can You Patent Software and Business Methods in the U.S.? How Did We Get Here and Where Do We Now Stand?
Author: Abraham Kasdan

Old Rivals Becoming FRANDS: Using Antitrust Law to Determine Remedies in Cases Dealing with SEPs
Author: Elizabeth Rivera

Understanding the Good-Faith Belief in Invalidity: How Commil Has Impacted the Law of Induced Infringement
Author: Laura BurtonPerry