Volume 25 Number 1 | September 2015

Volume 25 Number 1 | September 2015
The Federal Circuit Bar Journal

The Untold Story of the First Appeal to the Federal Circuit
Author: Edward D. Manzo

Post-Grant Proceedings at the USPTO and the Rising Tide of Federal Circuit Appeals
Author: Jason Mock, Note

FASA’s Bar: Why the Federal Circuit Should Interpret it Narrowly
Author: Matthew Peter Corkery, Note

From the Unforeseeability Exception to Foreseeability Estoppel: The Federal Circuit’s Effort to Limit the Doctrine of Equivalents
Author: Ping-Hsun Chen

Shifting Spaces: The Success of the SpaceX Lawsuit and the Danger of Single-Source Contracts in America’s Space Program
Author: Alexander Rogosa, Note

An Application of Nash Bargaining to Intellectual Property Negotiations
Authors: Richard Higgins & Jeffrey Klenk